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Sunday Snaps: the Stories



‘m very happy to say that one of my short stories, Sabah, has just been included in a new charity compilation:

Sunday Snaps: the Stories
Short fiction & poetry inspired by photography

ISBN: 978-1-908858-01-6
31 colour images
128 pages

This colourful and quirky collection contains short stories, flash fiction, vignettes and poetry of various styles and genres. It developed over the course of 52 weeks in 2010/2011 whereby a series of ‘Sunday Snaps’ were posted online as a creative writing exercise. Writers were invited to use the snapshots as inspirational writing prompts. The result: an eclectic assortment of light-hearted comedy, romance, dark tales, tragedy, slice-of-life stories and expressive verse. While the spires of Milan Cathedral and a café in Toronto provide the backdrop to romance, elsewhere a marriage is arranged, children grapple with loss, and a woman rushes to the side of a life-long friend. With a bit of French cuisine, a spiteful kitty, a mother’s pact with the devil, a birthday kiss and a dash of supernatural revenge, this unique collection offers a tale for all! Stories and poetry by: Sam Adamson, Kim Bannerman, Cath Barton, Dominique Boller, Juliet Boyd, Jodi Cleghorn, Sandra Davies, Miriam Dunn, Rebecca Emin, Annie Evett, Stacey Faulkner, Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, D A Volpe Herskowitz, Stephen Hewitt, A J Humpage, Steve Isaak, Mandy K James, Susan May James, Maria Kelly, Mari Lee Kozlowski, Lisamarie Lamb, Shannon Lawrence, Tyrean Martinson, Tony Noland, Linda Olson, Roslyn Ross, Tony Schumacher, and Ren Thompson.

As the first release of Chuffed Buff Books, Sunday Snaps: The Stories has been compiled, edited and published by CBB’s sole proprietor, Susan May James, over at Scribble & Scatter. It’s available in a physical as well as electronic editions, and has been produced in aid of a very good cause: the Canadian Red Cross Homecare Services.

Should you wish to purchase a copy:

It can also be ordered direct from the Chuffed Buff Books website.

Proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Canadian Red Cross Homecare Services. For details on the Canadian Red Cross, or to donate without purchasing a book, please click here.

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