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Complete List of Stories

Entries marked (*) are illustrated.

Flash Fiction:

  • #119 Suicide: Ruben Mancusco has a lot to answer for after a school fight. If nothing else, his actions led to art.
  • Boris: A rather well-to-do dog has literary pretensions. Somewhat P. G. Wodehouse, perhaps?
  • Celebee: When good werewolves turn bad…
  • Cephony’s Bear: The bear waves at Cephony. She waves back. It’s the beginning of an unusual friendship…
  • Cheer up: Tanika has ‘one of those faces’ that just doesn’t look happy. But there’s nothing she can do about that. Or is there?
  • Chickens of the Dead(*): The quick, the fast and the food — a vegan exorcist fights the chicken undead.
  • Clara’s Question: After the death of their father, two sisters return to the scene of the accident.
  • Daughter of Cronus: Hera finally decides to ambush Darren Snider and ask him out. But does he really like her?
  • Dòmhnull Dubh: Duncan McFallen McDonald is a rally driving sensation, but will Black Donald end his career?
  • Dreams on the Estate: At night, Shelly wanders around her housing estate with a palomino. Of course it’s a dream. Right?
  • Electrica Amor Vincit Omnia: Electric love conquers all — all this man needs is an electric heart.
  • Evening News: Homeless Lachlan has learned to talk to the birds.
  • Feyada: As sharp as they are, Feyada can’t believe her own eyes. She gets off the bus to investigate.
  • Fitcher’s Curve: Karly McBride goes in search of her lost father, starting with his last work of road construction.
  • Gyoza and Pushchairs: Shopping for gyoza, Sandy has a run-in with a pushchair. Her shadow tries to commiserate…
  • Hell’s Roses: Lippy Lee wants to take China by storm, but will Rascal beat her to the graffiti hall of fame?
  • How to Catch a ‘Noo-noo’(*): Jessica gets organized in her attempts to capture a Christmas fairy.
  • Ilia’s Frozen Fingers: Ilia makes haste skating to the old Krasotka iron mill.
  • Last Word, Final Sentence: Johans Montefiore has been cursed. Will he survive the fate that has been written upon him?
  • Lion on the Court: Kelly finds a lion basking in the sunshine. Maybe it can help him to become the next big thing in volley ball.
  • Lisa@*******madwolf.com: Lisa’s BFF just found out about the arrest, but Lisa can’t be a werewolf. Can she?
  • Lucy is a Werewolf: Being friends with a werewolf is kinda’ like keeping a pet…
  • Miss Briana: Miss Briana comes each day to the Flodden wall to meet the guardsman Calla. But what of the stories the wall protects against?
  • My Dream Horse: Tracy has always wanted a horse, so when one turns up in the middle of the night, she decides to keep it.
  • My Mother Believes in Giants: Alios’ mother creates giant artefacts from the landscape, but is she sculpting something imagined or uncovering something real?
  • Nothing But a Cold Digger: When Tammy sees a ghost, one of her friends realises their long-term haunting is over.
  • Oberbaumbrucke, 1988: An old postcard brings back memories of lost love in Berlin.
  • Samuel Watches the Cat: An allotment owner rather dislikes the neighbourhood cat.
  • Snowbathing: Claire decides to protest over climate change by taking up Snowbathing.
  • Spring Tidings – a Christmas Story: A young girl mourns her grandmother while observing a pagan Christmas tradition.
  • Tattooed to the Bone(*): Jimmy Ju Long’s tattoo parlor makes some rather painful body art.
  • The International Circuit: Eachann is proud of his unbeaten reputation. But when he’s approached by a Greek promoter, has he taken on a fight too far?
  • The Last Kazarine: Father Markus closes the door on the desert and the great wall, but why the severed, stone heads on the table?
  • The Old Jensen Place: The Old Jensen Place is the most reliable haunting in the Southern Central United States. You want a ticket?
  • The Old Woman Who Eats Kids(*): A boy creates a runaway myth about an old woman who eats children.
  • The Star: Tauri and her momma go to confront her famous father, but will he speak to them?
  • The Wallpaper Forest: During an unscheduled stay-over at his grandparents’ house, Sam encounters the Green Man and some older legends.
  • Tiger Tempera: Matty, a paint roller and a Sumatran tiger… what could go wrong?
  • Wet Nurse: A man’s wife gives birth, but where have she and his son gone?
  • What Burns Inside: Can the revengeful flame of a lover’s heart be kept alive a little longer?
  • “Wow. Ow. Bow. How. Ow. Ow.”: A story for dogs that won’t shut up.
  • You Killed Whiteclaw: An exterminator strikes up a friendship with a kitten, but maybe it wants more than just his lunch…
  • Your Kung Fu’s Pretty Good, Old Man. You’re Not Too Bad Either, Old Woman: Grandma and Grandpa pull no punches in this Kung Fu adventure, subtitled: ‘The Night of a Hundred Arthritic Blows’.

Short Stories:

  • Azazel’s With Me(*): A teenage witch uses a rather dubious boyfriend to fit in.
  • Bambayag Day: Mrs Bambayag is an old lady who likes to kill parties.
  • Glaistig: Danielle helps out on the city farm. Now she’s mucked out the byre, will she see the Glaistig?
  • I Made £65.70 for Sick Cats Last Week: Laura Campbell swears to reclaim her grandfather’s allotment.
  • Ma James: Ma James is out as dawn is breaking. But who’s the boy on the bridge and why is she going to meet him?
  • Mama has gone to kill Nicolae: Mama and the knife are gone. ‘Wait in the van,’ she said, in the boundary between our world and the Twilight.
  • Mei-Yin: Tiffany is amazed when Mei-Yin comes back. Can that be possible? And where is the cat taking her now?
  • No, That Seat’s for Vincent P: Leigh discovers her mother’s taste in Gothic furniture may have attracted a visitor.
  • The Mushroom Culture(*): fairies meet some damn good clubbing in Costa Del Toadstool-os.
  • Ya Milango: Doto lives an enchanted existence, but Maso has come to hate her as she grows older. A short story with its roots in Madagascan legend.

Serial Fiction: