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The Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2

Greetings, flash fictonaughts. The Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2 has just been released. Packed full of wonderful flash fiction, I’m happy to say one of my stories, Oberbaumbrücke, 1988, managed to make it in there.

For those not in the know, Friday Flash is a community of writers who write regular flash fiction of 1,000 words or less. Stories are written somewhere in the week, with the aim of a Friday release on personal blogs. Links to stories are entered into an on-line database on the Friday Flash community site, as well as being flagged with hashtagged tweets on Twitter (#FridayFlash) or a link posted on the Friday Flash Facebook page.

I’ve been writing flash fiction as part of Friday Flash for some time now, and I have to say, getting semi-regular pieces of short fiction out to a real audience, as well as reading and commenting on the flash fiction of others, has been a fantastic way of developing my writing skills as well as getting to read some great fiction. The Friday Flash community is as warm and generous a group of people as you’d ever hope to meet, and if you haven’t already, I whole-heartedly encourage you to read and write alongside these wonderful folks. They really are amazing.

If you want to try and psychically deduce brilliance from the story titles alone — perhaps using dowsing rods fashioned from disposable Bic pens — then do check out the table of contents. Otherwise, The Best of Friday Flash:Volume 2 can be comfortably and easily purchased here.

And finally, do pop on over to the virtual launch party on Facebook: there may still be some smoked salmon and dill volovants left, if you’re quick.  The devils on horseback are surprisingly spritely, and the little bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates are pretty good, too.